Super strong float for fishing in open water. Ideal for pinning a bait on the deck be it large particles like meat and corn or more delicate offering such as maggot and soft pellet.



Bulletproof float for that match winning last hour when you really need your rig to hold up to the abuse of big fish in snags! 
Short stems help you fish tight against the bank in the mudline without fear of spooking fish with the stems catching their backs.



Perfect not only for paste but for big baits such as meat and corn when you need to bury the line under the water. Long bristles with super strong spring eyes top and bottom help read and ultimately hit those finnicky paste bites.

Carbon or glass fibre stems
Tips can be made to specific sizes and colours

All sizes and colour range available ask for specific ranges suitable to your needs

 £2 each - £2.50 p&p per order