Welcome to PR Floats

Here on my new website you will find the fantastic range of PR Floats and elastics.
Each float is handmade by myself and tested by some quality match anglers including Fishomania and Match This Finalists 

Hand made floats


The question I get most is why should you buy my floats?
That's easy! 
It's down to a several factors really.
I make my own foam body's from the best material available, designed to repel water therefore never taking on water or deteriorating.
The finish on my floats is second to none, they are strong enough to not break unlike mass produced floats.
You won't find this glass like finish anywhere else.
Cheap yacht varnish prone to fading, bubbling and line cutting into the body simply wont do!


Prices as follows 


£2 each - glass , carbon , stainless steel

£2.30 ech - flexi nitinol wire

£6 - hollow elastic 

£6 - zero bore hybrid


Postage £2.50 per order recorded delivery 

(all items are tracked and recorded)


For orders please

Email : prfloats@hotmail.com


All floats are made to order and approx 14 day lead time due to current workload , there is no shopping cart or stock system in place as each order is completely bespoke